Sunday, March 1, 2009

stupid credit card companies

Okay, so this is probably my fault.. but I'm thinking U.S. Bank is trying to screw me over. First, they sent me a credit card last August and I mistakenly thought it was my debit card, so I activated it. MY BAD. My mom told me to keep it so I can use it for emergencies or whatever though. Then she proceeded to tell me that I need to make one purchase a year so I don't get smacked with a huge fine. Well I made that one TINY purchase and never received a statement. I guess I signed up for the e-statements which means that I don't get a paper statement. Since I never received a paper statement.. and though the e-mails they were sending me were the debit card statements, I never paid it (this purchase was made in January). Now they docked my credit score from 400 to 300. Douchebags. I will admit, I definitely need to keep better record of my personal finances, but still. COME ON, GIVE ME A BREAK!

Gah. Good news though, Josh is bringing my back to campus! Now I get to cruise around and hit innocent students. What a joy.

I'm not looking forward to class tomorrow. I have a crap ton of homework to do tonight, and I have to deal with U.S. Bank. Ick.

I did have an enjoyable time at Britta's though! I got to see cousin Aaron and just chill, which is always nice. I cannot wait for next weekend when Chad and Megan visit! It will be completely awesome.

I just have to keep reminding myself... less than two weeks until spring break.... thank heaven.

That's all for now, if I've got time later I'll make sure to add another post cause this one was pretty dang boring.


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  1. So Josh brought your back to campus did he?? Well that is quite interesting. Maybe learn how to freaking talk.