Monday, March 16, 2009

kit kats and tv

Kit Kats are the sustenance of life. At least my sustenance of life. I was craving one so bad today that I had to have my sister pick me up one from Movie Time. Those Kit Kats aren't even as fresh as the gas station ones! That just goes to show how desperate I was. I also annihilated a bag of Funyuns -- some of the best chips to ever grace the planet. And for those readers who don't know what Funyuns are, shame on you. Anyway, here's a picture to let you know what you're missing.

Right now I'm watching The Secret Life of the American Teenager. I've never even watched an episode. It's pretty decent. I thought it was gonna be all corny and stuff, but it's alright. There sure are a lot of teenage pregnancy TV shows and movies out. Juno... this show... Okay.. guess I can't really think of any other ones but it seems like there's a crap ton. Oh.. a commercial for the new show, Sophie, came on. That looks like a dumb show. My show of choice on the ABC Family network is Greek. I'm obsessed with that show. For those of you who don't know what it is, I encourage you to watch it on March 30th at seven PM for the new season premiere. It's more of a chick thing, but who knows.. guys may like it too. One of my favorite characters is Dale. He's the super religious guy who makes sure his roommate, Rusty, knows that Jesus Christ himself is sitting on his shoulders everywhere he goes. Hahahah, if I knew some quotes off the top of my head I'd shoot them off for you. You gotta watch for yourself. Granted, it's probably not quite accurate of college life, but it's entertaining at least.

My favorite show of all-time is definitely Gilmore Girls. I love the witty banter and sarcastic remarks that the writers incorporate into the show. I own every season on DVD except season four. I plan to wait until it goes on sale for $15.00 as it often does. It's on at four o'clock everyday on ABC Family, so WATCH IT.

The summer job hunt is on. It's so sucky that the economy is down the tube because I really need a job. I think I'm going to return to my job from last summer at the town newspaper, but I need another job on the side. For that, I'm thinking about applying to do custodial work at the high school. Hopefully that works out cause it'd be super nice to earn extra cash for college.

Man I wish I had some ice cream right now. I GOT NEW SHOES. This is exciting for me. The last time I got a good new pair of shoes that cost a decent amount of money was like... two years ago when I got my Converse. Mom must have been feeling a little crazy because she let me get a new pair of Converse (which are sweet) and a pair of Nikes (which I haven't owned since probably the eighth grade). Since I'm blessed with narrow fit (unlike the rest of my family), I can fit into pretty much any shoe. So finding them isn't so much of a problem. My mom, on the other hand, has a terrible time trying to find ones that are wide enough. It's not like she has duck feet, they're.. indian feet, as she calls them. Whatever, we'll go with that. I guess Nike makes shoes for people with indian feet because they're unnaturally wide. Go figure. Nike does everything.

Wow, that's enough talking for today. Gotta try to accomplish some spanish homework!


Today's website of the day (yeah, I know I've been slacking): F My Life

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  1. Hey Ivy Tell your mom to try asics tennis shoes. I wear wides, and they are the most comfortable shoe out there. They even have them at Khols.
    I'm loving Grey's Anatomy. And Dave's into Axmen, it's about lumber and chainsaws.
    OH and I hate funyuns cause they SMELL. and Tuff loves them. Colt's with you on the Kitkats.