Tuesday, May 12, 2009


IT'S SUMMER!  Well for me, it has been summer for nearly a week now.  It's super glorious.  So far, my days have consisted of nothing.  Lounging, biking, reading, nothing.  I love it.  I was looking forward to summer quite a lot, mostly because I just wanted to be done with freshman year.  Not that I didn't love it!  Because I did thoroughly enjoy my first year of college.  I do miss my college friends though -- Mike, Luke, Matt, Ben, Ben, Andrew, Brian, Ryan, Ryan, Joey, Carsten, Bryce, Erica, Heidi, Amanda, and more!  We had some pretty fun times :)

Anywho, I've got quite the summer reading list this year (and a movie watching list, but we've already discussed that).  Currently, some books are my list are:

-- Pledged (reading now)
-- Shelter Me
-- Summer People
-- Q & A
-- Nineteen Minutes
-- The Alchemist
-- Me Talk Pretty One Day

And others.

What are my plans for this summer (besides reading) do you ask?  Well, I will tell you.

:  Find a job (preferably SOON)
:  Get into shape (stupid college)
:  Jet-ski/boating
:  Sch-wimming
:  Paint
:  Not think about school
:  Finish putting away my college things
:  Learn to be a more successful cook (pico de gallo!)
:  Write a short story
:  Attend many, MANY movies
:  Lay out and watch the stars
:  See as many firework displays as possible
:  Attend every county fair in sight
:  Devour sweet corn
:  Road-trip
:  Go to the Harry Potter exhibit in Chicago

Okay, that's a lot of stuff right there.  Probably a little overwhelming.  You more than likely didn't want to know all of that.  

Alright, I gotta go, but thanks for reading!  Dad's barbequing tonight, how exciting!

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Song of the day:  Kristy, Are You Doing Okay? by The Offspring