Tuesday, March 3, 2009

naps and illness

I'm not sick. But I was this morning. And because of that I missed my eight o'clock class. Well.. I made sure to e-mail my teacher before class and I called the her office. I guess I need a doctor's note though. Guess what? I DON'T HAVE A DOCTOR'S NOTE. Because guess what else? Not everyone goes to the doctor the first day they are sick! And now I might fail the class because I missed one day. WTS?

You see the things I deal with? Do you see? And my teacher is nice! I like her! So I hope she'll give me another shot... I really don't care to schedule an appointment that I don't need.

So while I skipped my class because of my dry heaves, I decided to go back to sleep because I only had gotten four and a half hours of sleep. This is what college does to me. I DON'T EVEN HAVE A NORMAL SLEEPING PATTERN! Another thing I learned at college... I'm a very good procrastinator. I never used to procrastinate. I did assignments as soon as I could to get them done. Now... that is not the case. And I have so much reading I have to do! It never ends. At least in high school you knew that you could only do the assignments you were given, and not any more than that. Well now they give you a syllabus so you know when everything is due. So once you get something done you're like, "Hmm... I could do this now to get it done with.." It's perpetual!

My roommate just came in with ten breakfast sandwiches and was all like, "Can I fit these in the freezer??" NO KATIE. YOU CAN'T. Our freezer is literally the size of a large pencil case. Then she proceeds to ask me if I can go find somewhere outside to store them so they stay cold. NO. NO I WILL NOT. She's so random.

Okay, I gotta go now and attempt to do homework and complete my FAFSA tonight. Oh and come up with a logical reason for missing my journalism class this morning. One that won't make me fail.

Yayyy college!
Web link for today: The Best Part Of Being A Cop Is Knowing That You're Completely Impervious To Bullets

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  1. hi ivy isn't the mail cheering you up? oh and I took your advice(althought not a whole week) and laid off the computer and telephone for 2 days. So nice for peace and quiet. to find my center.