Thursday, April 2, 2009

V8 and triple majors

Sooo... Thursdays.. eh?

I'm currently not accomplishing my English outline for the huge research paper I have to do. Okay, not that huge. But, it's six pages and my topic is the psychological effects of divorce on children. Yeeahhhh. It's okay though, I can handle it. I actually love writing papers as long as I can write them about what I want to write about. Anyway, I'm supposed to have an outline done for it because I have to meet with my teacher for a "conference". Should be good.

I love spring. Sometimes I think I use the word "love" too often. Some people say, "OHMYGOSH, I LOOOVEEE PUPPIES!!" I don't care for that. I like to switch up my adjectives. So actually what I wanted to say was, I have a strong inclination toward spring. (I seriously hope that makes sense cause I just looked it up in the thesaurus.) ---Insert picture of thesaurus here. Sorry, it's not letting me put up pictures right now.---

Oh. I'm supposed to let you know that I'm talking to the most kick ass person right now, and no it is not's B-Ritta. That's her little shout-out.

V8's new juice, V-Fusion is the most amazing juice ever. I was very skeptical on trying this juice, but it is absolutely delicious. You'll have to look for it in stores. It has a full serving of both fruits and vegetables, but it doesn't taste like veggies at all! I've seen three flavors so far: pomegranate berry, strawberry banana, and peach mango. I've only had the first two cause I'm not a fan of peach, but it's probably good.

So.. I'm thinking about adding another major??? CAN THIS BE POSSIBLE? So far I've already got a double major in Journalism/Mass Communications and English Education. The other major I'm considering is Spanish. It'll only be an extra class a semester... but I don't know. I think I'm going to study abroad next summer in Spain, so that'll definitely help my Spanish-speaking skills! I can't help it that I absolutely adore that language. It's weird. Don't worry, I know.

Uhhmm... so that's pretty much it for today. I'm really hyper and I should get going to use this energy to get stuff done. Like that outline. AH!

Adios amigos.

Website of the day: Converse

Song that I'm diggin': Sweet and Low by Augustana

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